D-Terminal Cable (VGA Modified)


D-Terminal was a multi-purpose AV connector common in Japan that carried an analogue component video signal. This cable and the Component Cable (DOL-010) are effectively the same except for the plug. D-Terminal supports some additional communication between devices. The GameCube was rated to output at D2 i.e. 480p in software that supports progressive scan mode. There was practically zero devices outside Japan supporting this connection.

This cable was modified prior to purchase to provide a separated sync, providing RGBHV through a 15-pin D-sub connection, with the original RC-5237 connection. removed. Once a game is operated in progressive scan mode, this is effectively a VGA cable, just plug straight into any monitor or TV. I owned an early CRT HDTV (weighing in excess of 100 kg and costing a fortune) this ended up becoming my preferred connection through to a Trinitron monitor. Analogue audio was fed through the traditional AV cable.

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